Sameer Vijayan


Nitin: Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us a little about your background, parents, family, where were you born, and where do you live?

Sameer: Whoa that’s a heavy one! I am not used to talking about myself, but of course, I will... J
I was born in Nashik in a traditional South Indian (Kannada) family. My mom and dad provided a perfect blend of un-orthodoxly orthodox parents. Growing up with a highly disciplined, ex-military- turned-government-employee father, and a genius mother has been the best part of my life to date. A notorious elder brother and a mum-like aunt added more colors to my perfect childhood rainbow. I was always passionate about entertaining people so I moved to Mumbai, the entertainment capital of the world. I have lived here for the past 15 years.

Nitin: What did you want to become growing up? And what did you go to school for?

Sameer: What I wanted to be when I grow up was the deepest, darkest, unknown secret for the first 14 years of my life. And then I saw Baazigar, the quintessential modern-day Bollywood revenge movie that re-introduced the anti-hero to Indian cinema. The movie sowed the seeds of what would eventually become my career later in life. As I continued my college education, my focus moved from wanting to be the brightest and best student, to impressing others with my acting skills.

Nitin: In one sentence, how do you define yourself?

Sameer: A happy soul passionately focused on making this world a better, and happier place to 'LIVE'.

Nitin: How would you describe your latest project, and your profession?

Sameer: My most recent project is the horror-thriller series, 'Kavach'. This TV-series was launched on Colors Channel that airs in India and online. I am an actor and writer and to put things in simple words, my work is the most soul-satisfying part of my life. Exploring the unending magic of words and emotions defines and fuels the Sameer Vijayan brand.

Nitin: How did you get started in the industry?

Sameer: I started off with local theatre groups in Nasik in the late 90's. Once I had some experience and had learnt the terms of the trade, I moved to Mumbai to explore the commercial landscape. I had to bear my share of struggles as most other actors from outside the industry have to. Lady luck and some hard work brought along some credibility and recognition that propelled my career along and ensured my longevity in the industry.

Nitin: What according to you are the most important life lessons you’ve learned that have made you better at what you do?

Sameer: I have learnt to not react to situations and people around me. To stay calm in whatever challenges life brings to you. Having the ability to calmly analyze the problems gives you the best chance to focus on a solution.

Nitin: Describe your daily/weekly routine.

Sameer: On days we are shooting, I am usually on the set for 12-14 hours which doesn’t leave time for much else. On my days off, I have meetings, auditions, sit down for scripts and ideas. I try and carve out some time for a workout at the gym, recreation, and family time during the daily routine.

Nitin: Share some of the growing pains in the industry/ profession/ startup/ latest project, and any failures, setbacks. And how you dealt with or overcame them.

Sameer: The entertainment industry is $ driven, which is fair given it is like any other industry. However, I think the content should be driven by passion and not as a commercial proposition depending on how much money can be extracted out of it. The main goal, in my belief, should be to create content that appeals to people’s hearts and minds, not their wallets. At least that is the approach I would personally take for my own projects and I will hopefully have one soon.

Nitin: Any lessons learnt from these setbacks that you can share with our readers?

Sameer: I think conviction is the biggest contributor for success. Only if you are convinced, the rest around you can be.

Nitin: How has being a Desi inspired, motivated, or positively or negatively impacted you - professionally and personally?

Sameer: India and the people around have shaped me in so many positive ways. Growing up, I was always exposed to the ever-evolving diaspora of volatile, varied colors of human beings. A wide spectrum of people from different walks of life, castes, religions, languages, economic abilities. From the abundantly rich that didn’t know where they should spend their wealth to those in extreme poverty, they have all played a very important role in defining and evolving my creativity and me as an individual.

Most importantly, the religious and spiritual parenting has helped me immensely to be clear in times of chaos - something we have a lot of in this country and profession.

Cultural books with black and white characters helped define my childhood memories. Later in life, I continued reading and learning from biographies and autobiographies of Indian spiritual, social, political and sporting greats.

Nitin: What drives you? Approval of somebody/ anyone you are trying to impress (consciously or subconsciously)?

Sameer: Acquiring more and more colors of the infinite sky called creativity has been, is and will be, my only drive.

Nitin: What next? Where do you go from here?

Sameer: From here, I go to becoming a better human being J

Nitin: Any practical and philosophical advice you would like to share?

Sameer: Live 'Your" Life..!!

Rapid Fire:

Favorite Movie - 3 Idiots

Favorite Song(s) - Main Zindagi Kaa Saath Nibhaata Chalaa Gayaa

Favorite time of day - 6 pm

Weirdest thing you have ever done - While doing a mythological serial, went to a Paan shop on a bike. All in the attire of King Ugrasen, the demon!